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The Pet Carriage
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A Reliable & Loving Pet Moving Service 

At The Pet Carriage, we get your pet from point A to B with comfort and ease. We are proud to be a preferred breeder Pet Transportation Service. Our success is due to our unique humane transportation process; always working hard to go the extra mile.  We work whenever our clients need us, offering worry-free, quality pet moving services. Contact us today and get your pet where he or she needs to go.

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Humane Pet Transportation Expert

Shelby is an animal lover by nature.  She grew up on a farm and showing sheep.  Her father, has raised many types of animals including stunning poodles. Throughout the years Shelby has seen many animals transported across the country. As people purchased dogs from her father, she started to notice that shipping animals can be very cruel and straining on an animal.  Shelby, like most pet people, is tenderhearted, and seeing the fear in a little puppies' eyes after it is weaned from the litter and shoved into a crate and into a cargo plane, made Shelby realize there must be a better way. She started to haul newly purchased puppies across multiple state lines in the front-seat of her car treating them as if they were her own new best friend, and from there The Pet Carriage was born.

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What the Pack Says About The Pet Carraige

We paid a lot of money for our new family member but just could not endure shipping her via crate, bus, plane, and through non pet people! I did not want to venture across the country alone without my husband. Shelby brought Mable to us directly form the breeder. Thanks Shelby!!!

New Puppy Owner

Leaving my 18 year old African Grey Parrot during deployment was hard enough, but I am so grateful for Shelby.  She transported my BIG boy 5 states over to my sister's house during my leave. The Pet Carriage is a blessing to my sanity.

Recently Deployed

Shelby is always on time and so compassionate to my large breed dogs and customers alike.  Having her on speed dial is a blessing to my business. In the past I've seen some shady animal transports and even denied allowing my puppies to leave. I know I can trust The Pet Carriage. 

Reputable Breeder

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